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The Curriculum and Academic Committee

  • The Curriculum Committee is composed of the dean or whomever he delegates as a substitute, the course coordinators, two teachers, together with a student representative, who should be elected according to the enforced regulations.
  • The committee may assess, at times, internal Institute programs and adopted policies of evaluation. It may also recommend their amendment. And it may, after consultation with the concerned parties, add, abrogate, or amend some decisions, either in terms of their content or in terms of the number of credits. The committee may also study the suggestions submitted to it by various departments and programs.
  • The committee may suggest to the Institute the amendment of student graduation requirements.
  • The committee assumes a counseling role towards the dean regarding the courses studied in the Institute as well as the programs and exams.
  • The committee studies new programs and curricula that departments intend to implement or submit to the Institute Council.
  • The committee discusses the academic performance of the students as well as students with irregular academic status. It also discusses student petitions related to academic matters.
  • The committee has the right to make exceptions in academic structures in very special cases and on an individual basis.
  • The committee studies the academic situation and promotion of students, and it also decides whether to allow them to repeat courses or whether to dismiss from them from the institute.


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