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The Institute Council

The Institute Council consists of the attending and/or assisting deans (if any), school directors, heads of departments, programs and centres, and the student life superintendent.  It is headed by the dean. The Council considers all matters submitted to it by the dean. These are primary concerns of the academic body, the academic policy of the Institute, and academic and student affairs. The tasks of the Council are as follows:

  1. To help the dean manage the Institute’s affairs in all aspects.
  2. To examine the Institute’s budget before it is submitted by the dean to the president.
  3. To make suggestions concerning appointments, tenures, and promotions remitted by the departments, to the dean, before being submitted to the University Council.
  4. To make decisions regarding all things that relates to new programs that the departments intend to implement.
  5. To consider all matters handed over by committees, and referred to by the dean.
  6. To adopt scientific activities, conferences, and projects that the Institute intends to organize.
  7. To consider the establishment of new departments, programs, or centers, and submit recommendations thereof to the dean.
  8. To examine students petitions and needs.

The Council only makes decisions with a majority in attendance and in case of a tie vote, the dean has the tie-breaking vote.

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