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Responsibilities and Tasks of the Dean

In particular, the dean undertakes the following:

  1. The implementation of the Institute’s policies in conformity with long-term plans agreed upon with His Beatitude and in coordination with the president of the university.
  2. The development and enrichment of the Institute with regards to curricula, the academic body, students, buildings, library, and equipment needed to ensure the Institute runs efficiently.
  3. The undertaking of the following tasks after consultation with the concerned parties, the Institute Council, and according to the provisions of the university’s statutes:
    1. Suggesting to the head of the university the promotion of full-time professors of whatever ranks according to the university’s academic system, and based on the decision of the Institute’s Council.
    2. Appointing full-time or part-time professors, teachers, and lecturers, upon the suggestion of the concerned departments and after consultation with the president of the university.
  4. The formation of the Institute’s budget and programs after consultation with the heads of departments and the directors of the research centers.
  5. Drafting semester reports concerning the life of the Institute, and submitting it to His Beatitude.
  6. Preparing an annual report, and submitting it to the president, in order to refer to it later, to His Beatitude and to the Board of trustees.
  7. Presiding over the Institute’s committees, and appointing a professor to preside over each of these committees.
  8. Making decisions concerning whether committees’ decisions can be implemented, or are rather mere recommendations to be submitted to the Institute Council in order for the appropriate action to be taken.
  9. Submitting the decisions of the Institute’s academic body to the president, so that he may make final decisions when necessary.
  10. Appointing all superiors in the Institute, after seeking the counsel of His Beatitude and the president.
  11. Supervising the academic program’s implementation at the Institute in coordination with the heads of the departments.

Appointing special provisional committees for particular purposes.

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