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Scientific Research And Higher Studies Committee

  • The committee is composed of the dean or whomever he delegates as a substitute, and three members, one of whom should be from the highest ranks in the Institute.
  • The committee encourages research in all the Institute’s departments.
  • The committee considers all the applications submitted for study and submits its decisions to the relevant departments.
  • It informs the members of the academic body of all financial resources related to scientific research.
  • The committee studies the applications submitted by the teachers to support their research, according to preset criteria, and submits its recommendations to the dean.
  • It supervises the general policy of the magazine “Hawliyat” (annals) and the different publications of the Institute.
  • The committee puts forth student admission conditions in higher studies and supervises all issues related to new student admissions.
  • Students in Higher Education must obtain prior approval of the committee on their thesis title, research methodology, and their thesis advisor, before starting their work on the thesis.
  • It suggests the decisions to be made within the programs of Higher Education.


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