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Learning Outcomes

The B.Th. graduates will demonstrate: 

  1. Describing the essential beliefs of Orthodox Christian Faith by being able to defend those beliefs with arguments and evidence from the Holy Tradition.
  2. Understanding Holy Scriptures and the methods of their interpretation, Church Dogma, Church History.
  3. Analyzing the historical and cultural contexts of the formulation theological discourse of the Church.
  4. Evaluating the ways in which Holy Scriptures, Christian worship texts and basic doctrines of the Church are interpreted in different Christian denominations.
  5. Interpreting basic theological sources with accuracy and responsibility.
  6. Identifying the secondary literature necessary for an academic approach to Orthodox theology.
  7. Distinguishing the major contemporary authors who contributed to advancement of theological studies.
  8. Using theological resources available online and in libraries.
  9. Writing research papers in theological-related topic areas.
  10. Communicating effectively theological truths in teaching settings.
  11. Applying theological knowledge to the pastoral reality of the Church.
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