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Professor Symeon Paschalidis



Professor of Patristics and Hagiography at the Department of Social Theology and Christian Culture, at the Faculty of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Director of the Patriarchal Foundation for Patristic Studies, at Vlatadon Monastery/ Thessaloniki. He has also been appointed by H.A.H. the Ecumenical Patriarch Barthol- omew as Αrchon Hypomimneskon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. He has served as President of the Byzantine Research Centre of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Head of his Department at the Faculty of Theology during the last eight years. He is currently the director of the program for graduate studies on Mount Athos' history, art, spirituality and music tradition.

Professor Paschalidis has given lectures in greek and foreign universities and scientific centres and has participated in many scientific conferences in Greece and abroad. He is also the author and editor of 10 monographs and more than 50 of articles and chapters, written in Greek, English, French, Russian and Italian and published in scientific jour- nals, collective volumes, and proceedings of conferences. Ηe is also the editor of the scientific journal Kleronomia (Thessaloniki) and member of the editorial advisory board of the Greek Orthodox Theological Review (Βrookline, Mass.).

His main interests lay on Patristics, byzantine and post-byzantine Hagiography and early patristic and ascetic literature and spiritual history of Monasticism.


Selected works:


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  2. «Saints et animaux, anticipation du royaume dans la littérature byzantine», La res- tauration de la création : quelle place pour les animaux? : Actes du colloque de l’ERCAM tenu a Strasbourg du 12 au 14 mars 2015, Leiden – Boston 2018, p. 213- 230.
  3. «L’histoire d’une collection ascetique: La Philocalie, sa tradition manuscrite et les circonstances de sa édition», Α. Rigo (ἐκδ.), Da Teognosto alla Filocalia (XIII- XVIII sec.) Testi e autori, Edizioni di Pagina, Bari 2016, σ. 199-228.
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  12. 48 entries about saints of the Orthodox Church in the two-volume hagiographic encyclopedy: Bibliotheca Sanctorum Orientalium. Enciclopedia dei Santi: Le Chiese Orientali, vol. I- II, Città Nuova editrice, Roma 1998-1999.

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