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The Election of Fr Porphyrios Georgi President of the International Association of the Orthodox Dogmatic Theologians 11 June 2018
Message of His Beatitude JOHN X Patriarch of Antioch and All the East 11 June 2018
Message of Fr. Porphyrios Georgi in the Opening Ceremony of the IAODT Symposium 11 June 2018
Discours du professeur Michel Stavrou, Président de l’IAODT 11 June 2018
The Divine Liturgy at the end of the International Symposium 11 June 2018
The Third Day of the International Conference on Dogmatic Theology 09 June 2018
The Second Day of the International Conference on Dogmatic Theology 09 June 2018
The International Orthodox Symposium on Dogmatics in Balamand 08 June 2018
المؤتمر الدولي الجامعي للاهوت الأرثوذكسي في جامعة البلمند بمشاركة لاهوتيين من العالم 05 June 2018
A Seminar on “Fr. Georges Massouh, Testimonies and Life Path.” 18 May 2018
The Tenth International Symposium of Studia Theologica Doctoralia 11 May 2018
A Lecture on "Some Facts About the History and Contemporary Life of the Orthodox Church of Poland.” 02 May 2018
Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos in Balamand 30 April 2018
A Session with Dr. Mohammad Al-Sammak 20 April 2018
Book Seminar “The Challenges of the Christian Presence in the Orient.” 29 March 2018
The repose in the Lord of Father George Massouh 26 March 2018
Specialized Doctoral Workshop on Manuscripts 07 March 2018
The Lenten Spiritual Retreat 2018 22 February 2018
Pastoral Seminars at the Institute of Theology 19 February 2018
Byzantine Music Festival and Graduation of Online Programs 06 December 2017
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